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How Dare She network has always been a place of nurturing, inspiration and strength. As we journey through these unusual times, I want to offer you a space where you can draw on collective wisdom and love.

So from my home to yours, I offer you How Dare She Network Circles and  ‘Jewels of the Soul’ a journey of self-awareness to recognise self-limiting beliefs and to discover the real gifts you hold inside

How Dare She creates a loving safe environment for women to be supportive of each other in their journey’s for growth and self enlightenment, discovering their hidden jewels of their souls to become empowered by their on sense of self and meaning.

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I invite you to become part of a How Dare She Circle.

Imagine a sacred space that gives you ongoing chances to learn more about yourself with no judgment or advice, guided by other women offering just open ears and hearts.

Imagine if there were a regular space for you to express your inner truth, to be truly heard by other women? A way to be on an extended and gentle journey to deepen self-awareness and wisdom, a place to de-stress and a place to be purely you? And imagine if this were totally free…? In your community, where you can be yourself… A How Dare She Circle is a space apart from everyday life that gives you ongoing opportunities to learn more about yourself with no judgment or advice, just open hearts, and souls. All are welcome here.

Find out more about how a Circle would benefit you 

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